Packing Supplies


We’re Here To Save You Time And Money

When you’re moving, the last thing you have time to do is scrounge for boxes. Don’t take a chance with used or old boxes to protect your valuables. We offer everything you need at affordable prices.

Once you have rented your storage room, and are a current renter of Pleasant Grove Self Storage, you will receive 20% OFF all Packing and Moving Supplies.


Bankers Storage Box $2.55
Files, misc. small items
Small Box $1.78
1.5 Cubic Ft. 16x12x12
Books, videos, heavy pots, tools
Medium Box $2.72
3.1 Cubic Ft. 18x18x16
Toys, small kitchen or bathroom items, small lamp
Large Box $3.30
4.5 Cubic Ft. 18x18x24
Pillows, comforters, lamp shades, sports equipment
X-Large Box $4.44
6.1 Cubic Ft. 22x22x21
Bedding, large outdoor items, cooking pots, decorative items
24″ Wardrobe with Bar $13.02
Hanging clothes, blankets, hanging draperies
Picture/Mirror Box $3.96
Protect your mirrors, pictures and framed artwork
Customized Dish Set $9.35
For use with the 1.5 small box
Customized Glass Set $8.25
For use with the 1.5 small box
Covers & Packing
Sofa Cover $5.24
9′ 6″
Saves money on
cleaning costs
Chair Cover $4.80
Contains Two
Helps protect
chairs from dust or dirt
Dust Cover $6.30
Helps protect against soil
and water damage
Mattress Bags Starting @ $2.94
Twin, Full, Queen, King
Help protect your mattresses from dust or dirt
Bubble Wrap
Small Bubble 12 x 30′ $5.84
Large Bubble 12 x 20′ $7.92
For those fragile items:
Shrink Wrap
5″ X 1,000 ft. $10.22
20″ X 1,000 ft. $25.40
White Packing Paper $12.94
10lbs. 160 sheets (app. 25″x30″)
Use it for wrapping items


Other Items
1 1/2″ Stainless Steel $6.84
2″ Stainless Steel $7.75
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Disc $13.99
Heavy Duty Disc Twin Pack $17.80
50′ White Braided $3.18
50′ Yellow Poly $4.30


Tape Gun $8.62
Plastic Tape Starting @ $1.99
55 Yards
Great for heavy duty taping
Handy Box Cutter $1.99
The best way to open boxes when you’re ready to unpack
And More…
Prices subject to change